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IWA mailing lists are designed for Iranians residing in WA, who would like to be kept informed about Persian events in Perth including (not limited to) social and cultural events, music programs, movies, sport, religious events, etc. You may also choose relevant mailing list covering the type of the events you wish to hear about.
Currently there are two community organisations in WA organising events and programs for Iranian and time to time there are events organised by businesses or individuals. “Iranian Community of Western Australia” (iraniancommunity.org.au) holds social gatherings and celebration of the national events such as Persian New Year, Charshanbeh Suri, Sizdeh Bedar, etc, and “Iranian Muslims of Western Australia” (imawa.org) holds religious gatherings and events including a monthly Dua Kumayl, commemorations and Eid celebrations.

IWA eNews Mailing Lists

Religious News and Events
برنامه مجالس مذهبی ایرانیان شهر پرت
ICN, the IWA Community Newsletter
خبرنامه جامعه ايرانيان استرالياي غربي
Persian Social and Cultural Events
برنامه هاي اجتماعي ايرانيان مقيم استرالياي غربي
Subscribe to receive email regarding religious events such as Spiritual Lectures, Eids, Commemorations, Duaa Kumayl, Ramadan and Muharram programs.

براي دريافت ايميل هاي خبري شامل اطلاعيه ها و اخبار برنامه هاي مذهبي ایرانیان مسلمان استرالياي غربي نظير جشن های مذهبی و برنامه های سخنرانی و دعاي كميل و برنامه هاي ماه رمضان و محرم و صفر اين ليست را انتخاب كنيد
Publishes time to time and contain reports, announcements and news from social and cultural and other events of Iranian community in Western Australia.

براي دريافت خبرنامه جامعه در اين فهرست ثبت نام كنيد. اين خبرنامه شامل اخبار و اطلاعات فرهنگي و اجتماعي و غيره است و در حال حاضر بصورت غیرمنظم منتشر و به آدرس پست الکترونیکی مشترکین ارسال می گردد
Subscribe and stay up to date with all news, events and activities of Persian/Iranian community in Western Australia, including cultural and social program and events.

براي دريافت ايميل هاي خبري شامل اطلاعيه ها و اخبار برنامه هاي اجتماعي فرهنگي هنري ايرانيان مقيم استرالياي غربي از جمله اطلاعیه های مربوط به جشن های سال نوی ایرانی و گردهمایی های ایرانی اين ليست را انتخاب كنيد


IWA eNews Commitment

IWA eNews keeps you up to date with the news, events & activities of Persian community.
Your email address remains completely confidential and would not be shared with anyone.


IWA eNews provides information to the list subscribers as received from the organisers.
Organisers are hold responsible for the accuracy of the details and to provide us with the subsequent update if the event details are changed.

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